Absolutely Lucy #2:
Lucy on the Loose


Beagles are notoriously frisky, and when Lucy catches sight of a big orange cat, a merry chase ensues.  But while Lucy is having fun, Bobby worries his friend may be gone for good.

Absolutely Lucy #3:
Look at Lucy


She’s so cute, everyone likes to Look at Lucy. And that’s true when the local Pet-o-rama store has a best pet contes. The winner and the owner will appear on television, though. Is that something shy Bobby can handle?

Absolutely Lucy #4:
Lucy on the Ball


Is Lucy on the Ball?  She certainly is when Bobby joins a soccer team,  Soccer and dogs! A winning combination.

Absolutely Lucy #5:
Lucy's Tricks and Treats


Halloween means it’s time for Lucy’s Tricks and Treat. Lucy’s got the cutest pirate costume for Halloween. When it disappears, it seems the new boy  in Bobby’s class might be the culprit.  Lucy has to put her beagle sense of smell to use to solve the mystery.

Absolutely Lucy #6:
Thanks to Lucy


Bobby has a lot to be thankful for in Thanks to Lucy. He’s even going to be a big brother soon. But when Lucy isn’t her usually frisky self, its up to Bobby to make sure that help comes her way.

Absolutely Lucy #7:
Lucy's Holiday Surprise


It’s Christmas and Lucy’s Holiday Surprise—the whole family’s surprise—is that not one, but two adopted babies are coming to the Quinn’s house. Uh oh, Gran mixes the twins up.  Can Bobby and Lucy help her put things right?

The Absolutely Lucy series

Absolutely Lucy #1

In Absolutely Lucy, shy Bobby gets a beagle puppy for his eight birthday.  Unlike Bobby, Lucy isn’t shy at all! And  to his surprise, he suddenly is having fun—and making friends!

Product Details

Published by Random House Books for Young Readers
Ages 6–9

Available in paperback and ebook

Illustrated by Amanda Harvey


"Pets and kids are a natural combination, and Cooper gets the nervousness and bravado of third grade just right. New readers will look forward to watching Bobby face the same challenges they do . . . Will they want to read more about Bobby and Lucy? Absolutely."
Kirkus Reviews


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