Faith and Fury: The Temple Mount and the Noble Sanctuary: The Story of Jerusalem's Most Sacred Space

Author Ilene Cooper explores the turbulent history of one of Jerusalem's most sacred sites in this timely, illustrated nonfiction offering, Faith and Fury: The Temple Mount and the Noble Sanctuary.

Towering over the Old City of Jerusalem is a place where worlds meet, conflict arises, and history changes. Known to Jews as the Temple Mount, it was once the site of the great temples built by Solomon and Herod. To Muslims, it is the Noble Sanctuary and home to one of the most sacred buildings in the Muslim world, the Dome of the Rock. Venerated by Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, it attracts pilgrims and tourists from around the world—and is the focus of the bitter and intractable conflict between Israel and the Arab world that dominates today's news.

Product Details

Published by Roaring Brook Press
October 24, 2017 | 144 pages | Ages 9–14

Available in hardcover and ebook


"The long and troubled history of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and its place in three of the major religions of the world is told in all its complicated glory."
Kirkus Reviews

"Cooper’s work will be appreciated by young readers, and perhaps just as much by adults wanting to wrap their brains around the thorny conflict."


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