The Holiday Five

Friendship is too important to let slip away. So Five Camp Wildwood bunkmates decide to get together on holidays—Just call them The Holiday Five.

Trick or Trouble?Trick or Trouble
Ages 9-12
The Holiday Five swear to meet over holidays throughout the year. Now its time for their Halloween get-together--but rumors are flying about Scott and Lia. Will that wreck the friendship?

The Worst NoelThe Worst Noel
Ages 9-12
Feeling out-of-place when she visits her father's new family, Kathy decides to spend Christmas with the close-knit family of Erin, one of her friends from summer camp.

Stupid CupidStupid Cupid
Ages 8-12
Tired of her mother urging her to diet, twelve-year-old Maddy finds the motivation to lose weight after meeting a handsome new student.

Star-Spangled SummerStar-Spangled Summer
Ages 8-12
The Holiday Five's return to Camp Wildwood may be spoiled when it appears that some of the girls may not be able to attend after all.

No-Thanks ThanksgivingNo-Thanks Thanksgiving
Ages 8-12
Looking forward to spending her Thanksgiving birthday in New York City, Kathy devises a way of bringing her best friends along, but squabbles among the friends threaten to spoil everything.