Jewish Holidays All Year Round

For the first time, the richness of the Jewish tradition is combined with lavish and intriguing artworks from the collection of The Jewish Museum in New York City to produce a treasury that is ideal for the entire family. The story of the Jewish people goes back thousands of years. And every year is punctuated by special days when families rejoice in a rich heritage, recall history, renew the spirit, and remember what it means to be Jews. Jewish Holidays All Year Round allows everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, to explore the true meaning of these special days. The traditions and history of each holy day are explained in simple, clear language, along with the ways in which the day is observed, both in the synagogue and at home. Great crafts (including a miniature sukkah) and recipes (for tasty treats such as hamentashen) invite children and families to make every celebration uniquely their own.

Product Details

Published by Abrams Books for Young Readers
September 1, 2002 | 80 pages | All ages

Available in hardcover and paperback


Illustrated by Elivia Savadier


Winner of the National Jewish Book Award, 2003

"Abundantly illustrated with . . . playful watercolors as well as color photographs of art and artifacts from New York City's Jewish Museum, this book strikes a tone both child-friendly and respectful. The author thoughtfully explores the history and significance of the holidays and festivals of the Jewish year."
Publishers Weekly, starred review


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