Kids From Kennedy Middle School

Ages 9-12.

Queen of Sixth GradeQueen of the Sixth Grade
Although she is aware of her best friend Veronica's flaws, Robin helps her establish a secret club, the AKGs (for Awesome Kennedy Girls). When Veronica and Robin have a falling out over a boy they both like, the AKGs see to it that Robin is ostracized by all of the sixth-grade girls. With some help from understanding parents, Robin finds activities to fill her time until Veronica is dethroned and the AKGs dissolved.

Choosing SidesChoosing Sides
Jonathan Rossi is a well-rounded sixth grader: a member of the basketball team, interested in school, aware of girls, and sensitive to the aspirations of his parents. Therein lies his dilemma. His father firmly expects him to sacrifice all his free time to basketball practice, just as his older brother does for football. Their mother accepts the sports direction of her male-dominated family unquestioningly, even while reminding them that sports are not necessarily for everyone. As Jon's middle-school world enlarges, he finds friends who make time for books, for piano, for violin concerts. More and more he resents his team's demanding and demeaning coach. A class assignment to write about a moral dilemma is the catalyst for Jon's ultimate decision to take charge of his own life.

The New Improved Gretchen HubbardThe New Improved Gretchen Hubbard
Formerly "Hippo Hubbard" of the sixth grade, Gretchen slims down but feels uncomfortable receiving compliments and attention from her classmates.

Mean StreakMean Streak
Having alienated her best friend Robin, eleven-year-old Veronica has no one to turn to for sympathy and support when it appears that her divorced father might remarry.